Sacred Soul Melody's Story

Sacred Soul Melody is committed that every human being experiences sustainable well-being

For families, communities, corporations and countries, to collectively nurture soul, heart, mind and body!

Sacred Soul Melody’s vision is to bring alternative healing modalities such as mindfulness, compassion, and Reiki 

into homes, schools, institutions, and governmental bodies to cause healthy and thriving communities 

and build a world that is empowered soulfully.

Are you tired of being stressed and getting no rest?

Want to disappear worries and anxieties?

Ready to stop surviving and start thriving?

Stand with us to shift the daily reality of overworking to make ends meet, to a life of success and rest!

Current Offerings

Soulful Services

Soul Expression Coaching

Distance Reiki Sessions

Oracle Readings

Human Design Readings



Reiki First Degree & Reiki Second Degree 

Compassion for Caregivers Course

Breathe with Boundaries 90 Day Program 

Why a Soul Expression Coach?

First off, a Coach is a person who is committed to YOU being the Highest version of Yourself!

We always see you as the Extraordinary Human Being that you are, even when you are acting otherwise!

We hold you responsible for acting from your Highest Inner Power!

We are NOT there to hold your hand and coddle you, 

but rather shake and awaken YOU when you are being anything other than extraordinary!

But why a Soul Expression Coach?

My unique Soul’s Purpose is also to Channel and Guide 

you to reach your Soul’s Highest Purpose in this lifetime!

I see who you are on a human, energetic and soulful level.

 I connect with your Ancestors, your Inner Child, your Inner Sorceress, your Soul, 

to co-create a life where all of YOU is Soulfully Expressed in every way!

Are you ready to connect with your Inner Magic, your Soul’s Song

To be unleashed on a Soul Level?

To be free of Earthly limitations, and live a Life of Soul Expression?

Do you feel your Soul’s desire to Sing it’s Sacred Melody!

Soulfully Sing with me!

your Soul Expression Coach,

Sabrina Mabel

Sabrina Mabel

Founder of Sacred Soul Melody
Co-Host of the True Act Podcast 
Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher
M.Ed. in Developmental Psychology
Reflector by Human Design

Trained in Reiki, Holistic Education, Mindfulness, Meditation,   Self-Compassion, and other healing modalities.

Creates a sacred safe space to explore, heal and express            your Soul’s wounds and purpose.

Provides guidance by channelling soul and spirit messages.

 Protected and guided by Archangel Michael, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, Kali Ma, the Fairy Realm and other light beings.

Set your Soul Free with Sacred Soul Melody

“I love Sabrina and her energy. She makes you feel comfortable and allows you to just be… I also loved the Manifestation in Action Workshop! The energy was so peaceful and a great clearing for all the limiting beliefs that no longer serve me and to prepare for what I am creating to come for me”

Andrea Marasigan

Reiki Level 1 Student

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