Sabrina Mabel
your Soul Expression Coach

Founder of Sacred Soul Melody
Co-Host of the True Act Podcast 
Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher
M.Ed. in Developmental Psychology, UofT
B.Ed. Kindergarten and Elementary, McGill
Reflector by Human Design

Trained in Usui Reiki, Holistic Education, Mindfulness, Meditation, Self-Compassion, and other modalities  

Sabrina creates a sacred safe space to explore, heal and express your Soul’s wounds and purpose.

She provides guidance by channelling soul and spirit messages.

Sabrina's Soulful Journey


When I was a child, I had a vivid imagination: my sister and I would transform into small furry animals,

make potions with dandelions, and have adventures climbing tress.

I was obsessed with faeries and convinced that I was a witch with powers to be ignited.



Unfortunately, as I grew into my teens, and became afraid of my vivid dreams and talk of entities, 

I pushed away my intuitive abilities; and became enthralled with logic and morality.

This is when I began to suffer silently.

As a young adult, I wanted to follow society’s demands of earning a degree, starting a career, 

getting married and have a family.I was convinced this would make me happy. 

However, as I reached milestones, happiness simply escaped me.

In 2015, I had my degree in education, a full-time job as a primary teacher, a serious relationship

and a cute rental home in the east end of the city.

Yet, I was lonely, unfulfilled, and empty.

By my mid twenties,

 I was diagnosed with minor depression, general anxiety disorder, and complex PTSD.

I did NOT have the mental and emotional capacity to take on any more responsibilities,

but I continued to say yes to every opportunity. 

I was holding onto a belief that if I did or gave more, I would finally be enough and be loved.

I was stuck in the vicious cycle of compassion burnout. 


In 2015, I was determined to discover natural remedies as traditional medicine did not serve me.

In perfect synchronicity, I was introduced to Reiki:

 a natural healing modality that works with the subtle energies of the mind, emotions and body! 

After my first Reiki session, I experienced an emotional release that allowed for clarity and a surge of vitality

I shifted from stagnation to action!

I let go of what no longer served me and focused my energy on what actually made me happy!


Through this soulful healing journey, I discovered other alternative modalities such as 

Mindfulness, Meditation, Compassionate Coaching, and Crystal Healing. 

These tools have given me access to 

a soulful life of Clarity, Courage and Prosperity.

In 2020, I left my 9 to 5 teaching job, and began creating Sacred Soul Melody! 

I continued to work with students, and families as well as offering my soulful services to friends and family.

Now, I take the next leap of faith, and offer these gentle soulful tools to you!

As an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Mindful Compassion Educator and Soul Expression Coach,

I am excited to meet and uncover the power of your soul’s melody! 


Your Soul Expression Coach,

Sabrina Mabel


Why a Soul Expression Coach?

First off, a Coach is a person who is committed to YOU being the Highest version of Yourself!

We always see you as the Extraordinary Human Being that you are, even when you are acting otherwise!

We hold you responsible for acting from your Highest Inner Power!

We are NOT there to hold your hand and coddle you, 

but rather shake and awaken YOU when you are being anything other than extraordinary!

But why a Soul Expression Coach?

My unique Soul’s Purpose is also to Channel and Guide 

you to reach your Soul’s Highest Purpose in this lifetime!

I see who you are on a human, energetic and soulful level.

 I connect with your Ancestors, your Inner Child, your Inner Sorceress, your Soul, 

to co-create a life where all of YOU is Soulfully Expressed in every way!

Are you ready to connect with your Inner Magic, your Soul’s Song

To be unleashed on a Soul Level?

To be free of Earthly limitations, and live a Life of Soul Expression?

Do you feel your Soul’s desire to Sing it’s Sacred Melody!

Soulfully Sing with me!

your Soul Expression Coach,

Sabrina Mabel

“While working with Sabrina, I was able to experience my emotions in a way that allowed me to connect with myself and others. I shed judgement, criticism, and negative self-talk to find compassion and kindness for myself. Thank you so much for this transformation, Sabrina!”

Nav Grewal

Pelvic PT, Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Deepen your Soulful Journey
with Sacred Soul Melody!